Automotive Software Test


The size of automotive software has been steadily increasing, and the cost of verification has been increasing more than ever and it is increasing more than the development cost. Therefore, there is a need to lower the quality cost without lowering the quality (to deal with human life), it is a scene where software quality assurance personnel suffer. There are various in-vehicle tests and development experiences at plus knowledge, so why not try consulting with a nearshore solution by all means.


· Comprehensive vehicle unit test

Comprehensive unit tests are required in the automobile industry and medical care. Severe unit tests that require winAMS based on criteria such as C0, C1 and MC / DC coverage rate may be required. In that case, a lot of man-hours are required, and sometimes it is not uncommon to have to write the same unit test case as the source code. Is not it difficult to perform large quantities of unit test cases in-house due to time constraints and cost constraints? In that case, please consult us first, the unit test expert will create a unit test that covers the target coverage rate and we will consult with you about how much consulting our company can do unit test. For example, we are doing unit tests to the coverage below, etc. We provide optimal unit test solution for customers from experienced rich unit testing etc.


· Automotive system test

From the car navigation system to the head up display, the quality area of ​​the automotive system test is great. The quality requirement is somewhat hung up like the Android application, there are things that absolutely hang up like the speedometer is not permitted . We will help you to ship such a wide variety of automotive software with reasonable quality. The following figures will be the in-vehicle test area experienced by our company.