Quality consulting


We carry out quality consultant in large frame from development to verification.
Customers who are in trouble because of many bugs, troubled by market problems, etc., add preliminary measures to add test personnel or add test cases to find specific bugs by system test I will do it, but will not the same bugs recur in the end in the end?

The causes of market bugs and fatal bugs are in accordance with required specifications, and they are subject to loose coding. We are looking for quality from requirements, coding, review, testing and upstream, and we will propose measures that are truly effective in quality.




■ Name: Juichi Takahashi

■ Educational background

· Learning from the famous test scientist Florida Institute of Technology graduate Cem Kaner and James Whittaker (Master of Software)
· Software test at Hiroshima City University, "Doctorate Acquisition (Doctoral Information Engineering)

■ Work experience

Since 1992: Microsoft Microsoft (Seattle head office work) From
2001: Germany SAP (Tokyo Lab) From
2003: Manager of software quality assurance department, Sony Corporation From
2018: Managing director and CTO



· Project management to learn from zero knowledge
Author: Takahashi Juichi
Publisher: Sho Sangyo

· Software method where site work advances paralyze
Author: Takahashi Juichi, Yumoto Go Tsu
Publisher: Technological Review Company

· Software test learned from zero knowledge (with Korean version)
(book of software test which is most popular in Japan)
Author: Toshiaki Takahashi
Publisher: Sho Sangyo