Near-shore business



· Okinawa nearshore business with Plus Knowledge

It is possible to conduct development and verification / test work in metropolitan areas in Okinawa with good cost performance.
The main development and verification base is the testing center in Okinawa IT Tsingguang Park of Uruma City, which Okinawa Prefecture developed as a gathering place for the IT industry.

In Okinawa IT Tsimbongpark, facilities that can be used for inspections and conferences from urban areas are available, using facilities that are well equipped with security facilities on spacious premises. 
The testing center here is developing and operating mobile devices, web applications, embedded software verification projects, cloud servers, etc.


· Okinawa nearshore model drawing


· Near-shore test results

In-vehicle system

  • Car Navigation Test
  • Meter / Dashboard Test
  • Domestic / overseas IOP test
  • WinAMS unit test
  • Drive recorder test
  • GPS test
Home appliances

  • Smart home appliance test
  • Home appliance smart cooperation test
  • IOP test of consumer electronics
  • Wearable equipment test
  • Net TV streaming test
  • Usability test
Other embedded systems

  • Medical equipment system test
  • STB system test
  • Financial instrument system test
  • Infrared remote control test
  • Bluray signal test
  • Karaoke equipment system test
Business applications

  • Internal system application test
  • Medical application test
  • Transportation business application test
  • Government agency business application test
  • Safety confirmation application test
  • Soft test for provider
Financial software

  • Bank business application test
  • Financial service test for customers
  • Smartphone approval test
  • PC / smart screen comparison test
  • Insurance application test
  • Usability test
Carrier application

  • Cloud server application test
  • Smartphone / tablet cooperation test
  • MDM verification
  • Public business app test
  • Application test for BtoB
  • Carrier provision application test